Life and Travel in Puebla, Mexico



2 hours from Puebla. On the way to the Sierra Norte, Chignahuapan is the home of glass Christmas ornaments (esferas). Besides the Christmas ornaments, you can also find a 20-foot Virgin Mary, as well as wandering sheep and dogs, delicious tlayoyos (tortilla triangles filled with a type of bean and topped with cheese and salsa), and a pleasant lake with a turquiose hue. A big tourist attraction are the sulfur hot springs, located in a valley on the edge of the town. Or alternately, you could visit Piedras Encimadas, a park between Chignahuapan and Zacatlán. The park contains hundreds of curiously formed rock towers which you climb up, sit on, pose on, etc.

Piedras Encimadas

Piedras Encimadas

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