Life and Travel in Puebla, Mexico

Ex-convent in Huejotzingo

Ex-convent in Huejotzingo

45 minutes from Puebla. Here you’ll find a large ex-convent built in the 1500’s. The town is also known for its preserved fruit products.

If you happen to arrive in mid-February, it’s definitely worth your time to go to the Carnaval de Huejotzingo. Be sure to bring earplugs; it’s an extremely noisy and exhilirating celebration in which people parade by in elaborate costumes and masks while blasting gunpowder out of traditionally decorated rifles. The gunpowder explosions are deafening and you can feel the vibration and the bursts of air even from several feet away. Watch the parade, get a cup or a whole liter of pulque (an alcoholic drink made from fermented maguey), eat at one of the many food stands, and, if you’re feeling adventurous, ask a Hueyhuey (one of the masked parade participants) if he’ll let you shoot his rifle.


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