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If you want to know more about Mexican food, try taking Buzzfeed’s “Can You Guess the Dish from the Ingredients?” quiz.

If you’re fed up with all Mexican food, all the time, then here are some new restaurants for you to try!

Lebanese Food:

  • Yes, they have the traditional tacos árabes. But they also have tabbouleh, kepe, hummus, and stuffed grape leaves on their “Platillo Libanés.” It’s a bit pricey but worth it when you’re jonesing for something different. You can find these Lebanese delights at Tacos Dany, which is right by La Noria’s skating rink.
  • A buffet I’ve never been to but which everyone says is excellent, if a bit expensive: Centro Mexicano Libanés on Hermanos Serdán.

Korean Food:

  • Until recently, I thought Korean food could only be found in the esoteric barrio coreano in Mexico City. But lo and behold, it turns out there’s an authentic Korean restaurant, Min Joo Ne,  right here in La Paz. I thought the food was delicious.
    I'd like to go back here!

    I’d like to go back here!



    Japanese Food:

  • A far cry from the ubiquitous sushi places in Puebla, Stop By Ramen (on Zavaleta) serves– you guessed it– ramen. While the menu may seem a little pricey, their portions are generous. They offer a variety of ramen dishes with different toppings. The tricky part is that sometimes they run out of food, so you may find them closed when you were hoping for a nice bowl of noodles.

Ready to dig in! The hardboiled eggs are my favorite.

American Food:

  • Of course there is tons of American food in Puebla. KFC, McDonald’s, IHOP, Olive Garden, you name it.  But I’m not talking about any of the fast food places. I’m talking about a restaurant that serves up the best food from my home state! If you’re craving good barbecue, Texas BBQ in La Paz has it! It’s the real deal.