A few weeks ago a friend and I wanted to spend our Sunday swimming, so we went on a little adventure. First we stopped at Aqua Paraíso, just outside Atlixco and about 45 minutes from Puebla (by car). There were water slides, several pools, and a camping area, all bordered by a beautiful tree-lined river (which was not for swimming). We admired the view for a while, but ultimately didn’t stay because the water in the pools was quite cold, as was the morning air!


The road back to the highway, and Popo letting out a puff of smoke in the background.



After we left Aqua Paraíso, we headed to Izúcar de Matamoros and to the San Carlos water park, which was about another 45 minutes away. Izúcar is warmer than Puebla and the springs at San Carlos are pretty toasty as well. There are multiple pools, camping and picnic areas, and water slides. I don’t have any photos because we were busy swimming!

Heading back from San Carlos. Notice how dry everything looks--- there are even cactus all around the water park!

Heading back from San Carlos. Notice how dry everything looks— there are even cactuses (or cacti) all around the water park!