While my schedule is different than it would be in the US, the rest of my day isn’t all that unusual. It does take place mostly in Spanish, but of course, that could happen in some parts of the US, too!

Real talk.

Real talk.


5:25am: So early, so dark outside. When is Daylight Savings again?

5:35am: Coffee and breakfast on my couch. Wonder if I should have another cup.

6:25am: Leave for work. The good thing about this time of day is that there’s almost no traffic.

6:45am: Arrive at office. Turn on laptop and check my lesson plans for the day. Answer emails.

7am: Three classes (English). Spend a good chunk of the class making sure students are actually working and not chatting on their cell phones or laptops, to which they are helplessly addicted.

10am: Back in the office. Have a snack and answer part-time teachers’ questions as they wander in and out of my office. Complete any missing aspects of my lesson plan for the next class.

11am: Class (English Literature). Right now we’re reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

12pm: Office again. Prep classes for the afternoon and the next day.

1pm: Lunch, which means I either go to the gym and then eat at my desk; eat in the cafeteria with coworkers; run errands; or continue working and eat at my desk.

3pm: Class (TOEFL Workshop). This is not the most exciting topic or time of day, but I try.

4pm: On a laidback day, I’m in my office, prepping classes. On a busy day, I’m in a meeting or teaching a workshop.

6:30pm: Go for a run, if it’s not raining and hailing enough to warrant taking a boat home.

7:30pm: Arrive home. Collapse on couch and zone out for a while.

8:30pm: Hang out with dogs. Pack lunch for next day. Set up the magical coffee maker with timer.

11pm: Read too long and fall asleep with the book in my hands.

2am: Get woken up by a mosquito buzzing in my ear. Get up and plug in anti-mosquito device. Push opportunistic dog off my pillow. Go back to sleep. 3 more glorious hours!