Many, many memes have been created on this topic.

Many, many memes have been created on this topic.

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Mexican team is in trouble with FIFA because their fans shout “PUTO!!!” whenever the opposing team’s goalie successfully catches the ball. If you’ve ever been to a soccer game in Mexico, you’ll doubtless have heard that shout ten or twenty times throughout the game. It’s a word that’s become part of Mexican soccer and culture as a whole. However, it’s also a term used to refer to gay men, and when you add the fact that the word is most commonly used is to curse or offend, then you have FIFA’s problem with it.

There have been a variety of responses here: those who agree that it’s an offensive word that should be banned in soccer matches; those who believe it’s simply part and parcel of the culture; and those who defend it with humor (among many other responses). Here are a few examples:

1. “Homofobia, la porra te saluda”: A blogger’s thoughts on “puto” and homophobia.

2. “Todos Somos Putos”: A writer’s opinion that the use of “puto” is a widespread and inevitable part of Mexican culture.

3. La Familia del Barrio: ¡Puto!:  A humorous defense of “puto” and its uses in everyday life. “La Familia del Barrio” is a TV show along the lines of South Park– it’s offensive, political, and funny.

What do you think? Should FIFA ban the use of offense words (or gestures, such as the banana-throwing in Spain)  by teams’ fans?