From my friend Nick, who is from the US.

  1. How long have you been in Puebla?

I have lived here since August, 2013, but since 2008 I have been back and forth in the city, studying and visiting for short periods.

  1. Why did you decide to move here?

I decided to move here because the people are very nice and I wanted to increase my knowledge and fluency of Spanish as I was/am planning on higher studies in Spanish.

3. What are you doing now?

I teach English at a private high school in Puebla and take classes in Nahuatl in order to fully immerse myself in the culture of Latin America and to be a better teacher, not just here, but in the US if I decide to return.

4. What do you find difficult about living here?

I think the most difficult thing is trying to balance all the things I would like to do with all the things I have to do. It’s frustrating knowing I would like to try to go somewhere or try something new, and then to have to work. Also, it’s not difficult to find people to talk to, but it can be difficult to find people to do things with as the city is quite spread out.

5. What do you really like about it?

The people are great, friendly and very helpful and patient. And the food is delicious.

6. What advice would you give to someone wanting to move here?

Research the area, the culture, and think about yourself, too.  Many people when they live abroad get homesick and thus don’t enjoy the experience as much as they could or should.

7. Favorite food here?

Tacos, memelas, tostadas, enchiladas, mole, pipián, bread from Zacatlán (sugary bread filled with sweet cheese),  and tlayoyos.

8. Favorite drink?

In terms of alcoholic drinks, Xtabentún and Pox are quite good, as well as numerous drinks I’ve had in Zacatlán (the apple pop is good, and I don’t drink pop very often!)

9. Favorite activity?

I like to just walk around the city center. It really is a beautiful city. I also like to travel within the state of Puebla and the country of México to get to learn new things, new places and new people.

10. Favorite place?

  Zacatlán, Cuetzalán, Chignahuapan, a bunch of others I can’t remember.

11. Favorite holiday?

So far I would say Day of the Dead, but there are quite a few left to experience!

At the beach.

At the beach.