1. Try the street food. Sure, everyone goes straight for the mole (that spicy chocolate sauce on chicken), and it’s certainly worth checking out. But a lot of people avoid the street food, which is actually incredible and shouldn’t be missed. I asked my boyfriend and my best friend what their favorite was, and all three of us came up with different options: tacos al pastor (pork roasted on a spit and served in little tortillas with pineapple, cilantro, and salsa), quesadillas con chorizo (a quesadilla the size of your forearm, stuffed with Oaxacan stringy cheese and bright red chorizo), and tlacoyos (triangles of tortilla dough filled with beans and covered in salsa and cheese). There are so many more options out there, so make sure you try at least one! (For best taste and hygiene, pick a place that has a lot of other people ordering food).

Cecina (salted meat) and longaniza (sausage) at a fair-- with salsa and toppings at hand, of course.

Cecina (salted meat) and longaniza (sausage) at a fair– with salsa, handmaid tortillas, and toppings, of course.

They really are the size of your arm. (Photo courtesy of Isaiah Cambron)

They really are the size of your forearm. (Photo courtesy of Isaiah Cambron)